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Prayer Meeting

Welcome to the St.Gregorios, Austin Prayer Meetings page. The Prayer Meetings are events in which our members get together to praise and workship and to learn more about the faith. The Prayer meetings are held every month. Our members take turns to host the prayer meeting at their residence. The prayer meeting gives our members a great oppurtunity to come together to learn more about the faith and to network with each other to build up the strong ties among the members of the St.Gregorios family.

What do you do in a Prayer meeting?

During the prayer meeting, we have the following activities to help our children and adults to grow spiritually:
1. Malayalam praise and workship songs
2. English praise and workship songs
3. Bible reading (by Children)
4. Bible reading (by Adults)
5. Message of the day (by an Youngster)
6. Message of the day (by Achen/distinguished guest)
7. Bible Quiz
8. Golden Ear Program
Please check out the event calendar for the schedule of the monthly prayer meetings.

The Great Lent Prayer Meetings

During the 50 day Great lent, the special Lent prayer meeting is held at the residence of our members. The members are divided into geographical areas and the members in a particular area attend the prayer meeting. This is a great initiative as we are able to pass on the traditions of special lent prayers and 'kumbidal' during the lent prayer to our next generation.

Giving Back Corner

Pidi Ari Project

Making a Difference, one can, at a time...

39580 lbs

of canned food donated since the start of the project. Thank you!

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