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St. Thomas Mission Attappady - The Tribal Mission

The Malankara Orthodox Church was never afraid in walking into unchartered territory and go into places that many had neglected. The tribal area of Attappady is one among them.  
H.H. Moran Mar Baselius Didymus I had the inner calling to be the blessing for the tribals of Attappady. H.H, a man of prayer and service served the backback diocese of Malabar for 4 decades. In 1994, H.H. sowed the seeds of the first Tribal mission in Kerala by starting Society of the Missionaries of St. Thomas to serve the underdeveloped tribal region of Attappady in Palakkad district in Kerala.

The mission today operates a hospital, orphanage, health clinic, school and focusses on education, basic health and social support for the orphans.

As part of the centenary celebrations of restablishment of Catholicate in India, the church launched the Aarogya Poshanam Padhathy (Health Enhancement Life Project - HELP) to address the challenges of malnutrition of children  (the cause for many deaths of children) in Attappady on 2nd June 2013.




Over the years, the mission continues to excel in making the visions of H.H a reality. Under the leadership of Rev. Fr. M. D. Yohanan Ramban and Fr. S. Paul, the mission continues to be a great source of blessing for the people of Attappady.

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