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The Missionary Zeal of Malankara Orthodox Church

In the last century, there has been a new awakeing in the church in its missionary activities. With its undivided focus of being an Eucharistic church, the missionary reachout of the church focussed on social, cultural, economical and educational challenges have been limited till the early 19th century.

Once, the awakeing started, the church has made great strides and today is the source of blessings for many. Many of the church fathers have been visionaries in this space.

In our attempt to learn about the good things that the church has done, during this lenten season, we will focus on some of the missions of the Orthodox Church and the visions of the church fathers.

William Carey, who is known as the father of modern missions once said:

"Expect great things from God; Attempt great things for God.".

Our church fathers, expected great things from God, and even more attempted greater things for God.

We will focus on few of the early day missions of the Malankara Orthodox Church that has set the foundations for todays ministry.

1. Servants of Cross

2. St. Pauls Mission and the Mission Board

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