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Welcome to the St. Gregorios Orthodox Church of Austin Website! Our Church belongs to the South West Diocese of America under the Malankara Orthodox Church led by H.H. Baselios Marthoma Paulose II, the Catholicos of the East and the Malankara Metropolitan. Our present diocesian metropolitan is His Grace Alexios Mar Eusebius.

Sunday School Area Level Competitions 2017: St. Gregorios Austin wins first place, third time in row

St. Gregorios Orthodox Church, Austin, TX takes home the trophy for first place at the Sunday School Area Level Competitions 2017, 3rd time in a row. Thank you Lord!

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Volunteer Appreciation 2015

As we march towards the end of the year, and we look back at the wonders that the Lord has done, we thank all our volunteers for their selfless service to the church and the community. H.G. Alexios Mar Eusebius, Metropolitan, Southwest diocese of America appreciated the awesome work that the youth volunteers undertook and presented them a token of appreciation. With our 'I volunteer at St. Gregorios Austin' campaign of undertaking one volunteer event a month, our youth volunteers have made a big difference this year and has exceeded all set goals of volunteer hours. Thank you!
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Sharing joy with children at Casa Marianella

On October 31st 2015 KFC (Kids for Christ) kids were so fortunate to visit Casa Marianella, a transition shelter for immigrant homeless woman and children.

Our KFC kids did an amazing job decorating and filling the bags with lot of goodies that are useful for the kids at the shelter. KFC Kids got a firsthand experience about the life of kids at the shelter.

Operation Christmas Child 2015

What goes in a shoe box is fun, but what comes out is eternal. It is this, what encouraged the Sunday school students to pack shoe boxes for children as part of the Operation Christmas child, a project of the Samaritan's Purse internaltional relief organization last year. Last year, our shoe boxes were sent to Peru, Ghana and Macedonia.
Read the story of the Rexes.
Just like last year, we will participate in the Operation Christmas Child charity.

Our part is very simple -

  1. Get the box from church
  2. Choose if you want to send it to a boy/girl and what age group,
  3. Pick quality gifts to put in the box,
  4. Pray for the box when you finished packing,
  5. Bring the box back to church by Nov 7th.

Heping to create a Safer Down Home Ranch

The volunteers of St. Gregorios Orthodox Church joined the volunteers at Down Home Ranch (DHR) during DHR's Annual Texas Chainsaw Manicure event on October 10th, 2015 to make DHR a safe place by protecting it from the ravages of wildfires. Down Home Ranch is a home that cares for people with Down syndrone disability in Elgin, TX. 

Good Friday Charity 2015

Every year, we receive many applications as part of the GFC, which contain life situations and stories of tragedies of ordinary people. This year was no different. Sharing a few of the stories that help each of us reinforce how our help is making a difference: A child (studying in 1st grade) crosses the road seeing her mother after getting off a school bus and a KSRTC bus hits her and goes over her leg and finally doctors had to amputate her leg, a student gets 96.7% marks, but is unable to continue her education since her parents can’t afford her higher education, Multiple widows living in houses that could collapse any time or having no houses to live in, having to deal with disabled children, losing husband to cancer, having to deal with brain tumor treatment of their children, and many more and the list goes on.

Thanking our Lord for all the blessings he has given us, we continued our tradition of using the Good Friday offertory to help people in need.

To learn more, attached below is the GFC 2015 report.

Fighting Hunger, Feeding Hungry

When a task is huge, the chance that we all might have heard at some point some one saying - 'dont try to solve the world hunger'. Every time I hear it, I have thought, what an excuse. And on the other end of the spectrum, is Mother Teresa's quote.

"If you can't feed a hundred people, feed just one".

Six days a week, that is what keeps volunteers roll their sleeves and cook food at the Caritas of Austin Soup Kitchen for the scores of homeless people. 

The volunteers of St. Gregorios Orthodox Church joined hands with the volunteers of Caritas in its fight against hunger by serving at the Soup Kitchen.

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Holding hands with Manor ISD

St. Gregorios Austin volunteers joined the Manor ISD Student and Family Support Services department during its 15th Annual School Resource Fair and helped pack school supply kits that was distributed at the School Supply Distribution event at the Manor New Tech cafeteria. It served more than 2,000 students on Friday, August 21, 2015.

Read more at Manor ISD website

Project 'Back to School' @ St. Gregorios Austin

St. Gregorios Austin joins the local school district to support students in need by donating school supplies. The Sunday school and Mgocsm students packed school supplies at the church on 8/9/2015 after the Holy Qurbana as part of the volunteer activity for the month of August. Volunteers shopped the best deals and packed kits according to the Manor ISD school supplies list.

Pidi Ari project turns One!

It’s been a year since we launched the Pidi Ari project, a monthly food drive project to support the local foodbanks and pantries in their fight against hunger and homelessness.

A year, ago, after the completion on a Sunday school food drive, which took couple of months to reach its goal, a thought came to few volunteers: why can’t we do this every month and create a culture of sustained giving in the church.  

Learning from our traditions of our grandmothers: Our grandmothers had a rich tradition of sharing by taking a handful of rice every time they cooked rice and kept it in another container. At the end of the month, the altar boy from the church went door to door collecting this rice. This rice was distributed by the church to poor families who did not have enough for their daily meals. It was called Pidi Ari. (a handful of rice)

Giving Back Corner

Pidi Ari Project

Making a Difference, one can, at a time...

30388 lbs

of canned food donated since the start of the project. Thank you!

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