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Bible Crusade Questions for Week 14-Sep-14

Chapter: St. Mathew Chapter 1 and 2

Qn 1. Who was the father of King David?

a. Boaz

b. Jesse

c. Aram

d. Aminadab

Qn 2. How many generations where there from Abraham to Messiah?

a. Fourteen

b. Twenty Eight

c. Ten

d. Forty Two

Qn 3. What is the meaning of Emmanuel?

a. God is with us

b. Lord, have mercy on us

c. God bless you

d. Strongest Man

Qn 4. Where did the prophet prophesize that Jesus will be born?

a. Bethelehem, in the land of Judah

b. Bethelehem, in the land of Jerico

c. Bethelehem, in the land of Egypt

d. Bethelehem, in the land of Galilee

Qn 5. What gifts did the three wise men bring when they came to see Jesus?

a. Gold, Silver, Diamond

b. Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh

c. Gold, Myrrh, Clothes

d. Gold, Frankincense, Baby food

Qn 6. How did the wise men respond to Herod's request to come back and inform him when they find the child they were looking for?

a. They obeyed the Kings order

b. They left for their own country by another road and did not go back to the King to inform

c. They send a letter to the King informing where the child was after they reached their country

d. They asked Joseph to inform the King

Qn 7. Which place did the angel ask Joseph to go with the child and the mother to protect them from Herod?

a. Judea

b. Egypt

c. Ephesis

d. Galilee

Qn 8. What did King Herod do when he found that the wise men had tricked him?

a. He pardoned them since it was the first time

b. He was infuriated and ordered to kill all children in and around Bethlehem who where two years and above

c. He was infuriated and ordered to kill all children in and around Bethlehem who where two years or under

d. He was infuriated and went and found the child himself

Qn 9. Which prophet prophesised the following - 'A voice was heard in Ramah wailing and loud lamentations, Rachel weeping for her children'?

a. Isaiah

b. Malachi

c. Joel

d. Jeremiah

Qn 10. Which town did Joseph finally go and settle down after the death of Herod?

a. Naphtalie

b. Ramalah

c. Nazareth

d. Jordan