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Bible Crusade Questions for Week 10/19/2014

Chapter: Acts of Apostles Chapter 8

Qn 1. Who in particular put men and women in prison?

a. Aeneas

b. Ananias

c. Judas

d. Saul

Qn 2. Where did Philip go as a result of persecution against the church?

a. Caesarea

b. Damascus

c. Gaza

d. Samaria

Qn 3. Who offered money in order to purchase the ability to give people the Holy Ghost?

a. Aeneas

b. Ananias

c. Judas

d. Simon

Qn 4. Who was sent to investigate the revival at Samaria?

a. James

b. John

c. Peter

d. B&C

Qn 5. What did the Samaritans do after Peter and John arrived in Samaria?

a. They repented

b. They were baptized in Jesus' Name

c. They received the Holy Ghost

d. All of the above

Qn 6. Toward where did the angel of the Lord tell Philip to go?

a. Azotus

b. Caesarea

c. Gaza

d. Joppa

Qn 7. From what portion of the Bible was the Ethiopian reading?

a. Isaiah

b. Jeremiah

c. Daniel

d. Matthew

Qn 8. What questions did the Ethiopian ask Philip?

a. How can I, unless someone guides me?

b. Of whom does the prophet say this, of himself or of some other man?

c. What hinders me from being baptized?

d. All of the above

Qn 9. What was required of the Ethiopian before he could be baptized?

a. Believe with all his heart

b. Confess the Lord Jesus with his mouth

c. Make restitution

d. Receive the Holy Ghost

Qn 10. What phrases indicates that the baptism of the Ethiopian was performed by immersion?

a. Went down into the water

b. The Spirit descended like a dove

c. Buried with him in baptism

d. See here is water