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Bible Crusade Questions for Week March 01, 2015

Chapter: St. Matthew Chapter 19

Qn 1. When Jesus left Galilee, where did He go?

a. Jerusalem

b. Rome

c. Samaria

d. Judea

Qn 2. What God has joined together, let no man do what?

a. separate

b. unite

c. leave

d. none of the above

Qn 3.  Who were brought to Jesus that He might put His hands on them and pray?

a. disciples

b. the gentiles

c. little children

d. pharisees

Qn 4. What did Jesus say about the children?

a. for of such is the kingdom of heaven

b. they are good

c. they are well-mannered

d. they are my favorite

Qn 5. What question did the young man ask Jesus about what he needed to do to have eternal life?

a. what good thing shall I do

b. what wrong thing shall I do

c. what prayer should I pray

d. which church should I go

Qn 6.  Jesus said that the young man should keep what?

a. the commandments

b. the money

c. the luxurious life

d. the faith

Qn 7.  What did Jesus tell him to do to have treasure in heaven?

a. enjoy your life

b. keep praying

c. sell what you have and give to the poor

d. respect your parents

Qn 8.  According to Jesus, how difficult is it for a rich man to go to heaven?

a. easy

b. hard

c. very easy

d. none of the above

Qn 9. Fill in the blanks: Jesus said "With men this is impossible, but with ______________ all things are possible."

a. devil

b. disciples

c. God

d. angels

Qn 10. Who asked Jesus, "We have left all and followed you. Therefore what shall we have?"

a. scribes and pharisees

b. sadducees

c. Peter

d. John