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Bible Crusade Questions for Week February 22nd, 2015

Chapter: St. Matthew Chapter 18

Qn 1. Who did Jesus say was greatest in the kingdom?

a. disciples

b. Peter

c. John

d. whoever humbles himself as this little child

Qn 2. Under what circumstances would it be better to cut off your hand or your foot?

a. if your hand or foot causes you to sin

b. injured

c. does not listen

d. None of the above

Qn 3. The Son of Man has come to save that which was _______________

a. astray

b. lost

c. found

d. beautiful

Qn 4. What is not the will of the Father concerning the little ones?

a. that they might believe

b. that they should perish

c. that they should enjoy

d. that they should suffer

Qn 5. If your brother sins against you, what should you do first?

a. tell the elders

b. tell the priest

c. tell the church

d. Go and tell him his fault between you and him alone

Qn 6. How many times should you forgive your brother?

a. seventy times seven

b. seven times seven

c. seven times seven thousand

d. None of the above

Qn 7. Name one of the disciples that Jesus promised that their binding on earth would be bound in heaven?

a. Peter

b. Joshua

c. Joel

d. Nicodemus

Qn 8. How many have to agree on anything asked in order for God to grant it?

a. three

b. hundred

c. four

d. two

Qn 9. If one causes a believer to sin, what would have been better hung around his neck?

a. rock

b. millstone

c. anchor

d. None of the above

Qn 10. The unmerciful servant had to pay how much after he had no compassion?

a. all that was due

b. nothing

c. half of what was due

d. None of the above