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Bible Crusade Questions for Week February 15th, 2015

Chapter: St. Matthew Chapter 17

Qn 1. Whom did Jesus take up to a high mountain?

a. Peter, James and John

b. Peter, James and Andrew

c. Peter, Andrew and Mathew

d. Peter, John and Isaiah

Qn 2. Who appeared with Jesus during the transfiguration

a. Jonah

b. The Father

c. Moses and Elijah

d. Moses and Joel

Qn 3. Who suggested to build three tabernacles during the transfiguration?

a. Peter

b. John

c. James

d. Jesus

Qn 4. Who did the voice out of the cloud say Jesus was?

a. Father God

b. My beloved Son

c. Holy spirit

d. Dove

Qn 5. Who was Jesus referring to by "Elijah"?

a. a leper

b. Son of Man

c. Jesus

d. John the Baptist

Qn 6. Who was brought before Jesus to be healed because the disciples couldn't heal him?

a. Samaritan

b. gentile

c. epileptic

d. paralytic

Qn 7. The disciples couldn't cure the sick person because of their_________

a. unbelief

b. faith

c. prayer

d. trust

Qn 8. During the transfiguration, Jesus' face shone like the ________________

a. moon

b. star

c. sun

d. None of the above

Qn 9. Jesus told Peter, James and John not to tell the vision of the _______________until the son of man is risen from the dead.

a. transfiguration

b. crucifixion

c. ascension

d. resurrection

Qn 10. Whom did the men ask if Jesus paid the temple tax?

a. Peter

b. John

c. Judas

d. Jesus