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Bible Crusade Questions for Week 18-January-2015

Chapter: Acts of Apostles Chapter 11

Qn 1. The Jewish Christians contentded with Peter for what reason?

a. He healed them

b. He touched them

c. He ate with them

d. He worked for them

Qn 2. Peter told the criticizers he had been praying in what city?

a. Jericho

b. Joppa

c. Jerusalem

d. Johansberg

Qn 3. Peter said he was in a trance and saw a vision, of a great sheet let down from heaven by what?

a. rope

b. chain

c. basket

d. by its four corners

Qn 4. What did Peter say when told to arise, slay and eat?

a. Sure God, I will do as you say

b. Sure God, I will eat

c. Surely not, Lord, Nothing pure has entered my mouth

d. Surely not, Lord, nothing impure or unclean has entered my mouth

Qn 5. What words show that the Gentiles received the same experience as those on the day of Pentecost?

a. The Holy Spirit fell upon them, as upon us at the beginning

b. God gave them the same gift as He gave us

c. God also granted to the Gentiles repentance to life

d. All of the above

Qn 6. What did the men from Cyrene and Cyprus do in Antioch?

a. Fishing

b. Telling the Good news about Lord Jesus

c. Make tents

d. perform miracles

Qn 7. Who accompanied Barnabas to Tarsus?

a. John Mark

b. Philip

c. Saul

d. Six Jewish brethren

Qn 8. What was the primary ministry of Barnabas and his partner in Antioch for a whole year?

a. Evangelizing

b. Teaching

c. Prophecy

d. Charity

Qn 9. What were the disciples called first at Antioch?

a. Christians

b. Believers

c. Nazarenes

d. Deacons

Qn 10. What did Agabus prophesy?

a. Famine

b. Miracles

c. Persecution

d. Revival